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Driveways Newton Mearns

S&D provide a full driveway supply and installation service to customers in Newton Mearns.

Permeable and non-permeable driveway materials – which one can you choose?

There are many customers who are considering creating or re-modelling the driveway to their Newton Mearns property and why not?! They add valuable and usable outside space but, there are some factors that you need to consider for driveways at Bearsden properties and falling foul of them can create problems for you…

Why driveways are important to your property

In a word, appeal. Your home is by far, the biggest financial investment you will make in your life. Like many other people, you may have struggled, scrimped and saved to pull together the deposit on your dream home.

The day you moved in, you may not have had the furniture to fill the rooms and so, spent the first few weeks (maybe months!) sitting on borrowed chairs, deckchairs and reclaimed sofas.

But you were happy. It was yours and you had always wanted it. And, over the months and years, you have steadily invested in the property, knowing that looking after it meant in the long run, your investment would increase.

Driveways at Newton Mearns properties add this final touch of kerb-side appeal. You want a drive that is functional – a place to park the car, the kids to play safely – but it also needs to last the test of time, and stand up to the rigors of Newton Mearns weather!

Why driveways are important to the local environment

But driveways at Newton Mearns properties are not just about looking pretty. They are playing an Newton Mearns important role in looking after the local environment. And you need to bear this in the front of you mind as you choose a new driveway material.

Non-permeable materials are those that do not allow water to soak through it; the rain as it falls onto the surface of the drive will ‘run-off’ into the sewers and that water is lost.

Permeable materials are those that do allow rainwater to soak through into the underlying earth and water table. This way, the water can behave as it should, following the natural processes of soaking through rocks and soil etc.

But, the non-permeable materials are contributing to a problem – localised flooding. As rainwater has to be channelled in sewers, in heavy downpours they are unable to cope and hence there are floods. They may only be temporary and may not cause too much of a problem, but some homeowners do find that rainwater is increasingly finding its way in their homes.

Therefore, driveways at Newton Mearns properties along with other homes and businesses across Scotland, England and Wales are now subject to new planning rules are regulations. Since October 2008, if you are planning on laying non-permeable driveway materials, then you need to seek planning permission, as you have to show that rain run-off is not simply cascading on to the roads.

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