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Driveways Rutherglen

S&D provide a full driveway supply and installation service to customers in Rutherglen.

Driveways at Rutherglen properties – which material would you choose?

There is a lot written about the various materials that can be laid to form to the top surface of a driveway; customers base their decision on whether to opt for asphalt or concrete for example, on a number of things, including cost and visual appeal but also, where they live and other factors associated with their own particular driveway.


Concrete driveway at Rutherglen properties are undoubtedly popular; robust and ‘clean’ in its appeal, customers opt for this material because it looks and feels hardy. However, out of the two material being compared, concrete is the more expensive option. But, spending the extra cash now may mean that concrete driveways at Rutherglen properties withstand the test of time (and the weather!) far better, meaning maintenance costs are at a minimum.  

The weather

You wouldn’t think that considering the weather would be such an important factor in which material to choose, asphalt or concrete, in terms of driveways at Rutherglen properties – but it can have an enormous impact!

Asphalt is a material that performs better in colder climates. Exposure to high temperatures softens to asphalt and so, over time, it cracks; for those seeking a perfect driveway, this means repairing the service.

Concrete on the other hand can withstand these higher temperatures but can perform well in severe cold, providing that the foundation of the concrete driveway is on compacted gravel. If the base of the driveway is not adequately prepared or compact, concrete driveways at Rutherglen properties can suffer from something known as frost heave. Freezing water under a driveway, followed by the thaw, means that as the water expands and contracts in these different states, the driveway gets pushed up, and out of shape.

Likewise some of the chemicals we use to de-ice the surface – salt being one of them – can also comprise concrete.


Asphalt driveways at Rutherglen properties will need sealing every 4 to 5 years; as a petroleum based product, over time this oil oxidises and the asphalt dries, becoming grey and brittle. Sealing it early on in the laying process prevents this from happening. Concrete driveways at Rutherglen properties also need to be sealed, but overall need less maintenance.

Cared for, and laid well in the first place, both of these materials make excellent driveways at Rutherglen properties; which one would you choose?

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