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Monoblock Driveways Glasgow

S&D provide a full monoblock driveway supply and installation service to customers in Glasgow.

The longevity and visual appeal of monoblock – are there better materials for driveways?

We doubt there is but maybe we are a little biased, having laid many monoblock driveways at Glasgow properties and beyond! But why is it so popular and why should you consider it?

If nothing else, the lifespan of monoblock as a driveway material is long, lasting for many years even with heavy use. Add to this its versatility – it can be extended, lifted and re-laid – it is no wonder that it is popular with both Glasgow customers and local authority planners alike.

However, as we have said many time before in previous blogs, unless you really do know what you are doing, have the right skills and the right tools, laying driveways are not DIY projects for novices. This applies to monoblock driveways too; preparation is key – get this wrong and you will find your driveway dips and sags in places it really should not be. The hard earned cash you have spent on your latest project will have been wasted.

How long does it take to lay such a driveway?

To give you an idea of long it would take for S&D Projects to lay monoblock driveways at Glasgow properties it is probably better to talk through the process, including an ideal world timetable, where there are no complications or poor weather to contend with…

  • The first step, which can take a day or sometimes longer, is to clear away the old driveway material and other waste materials such as vegetation, turf etc.
  • Secondly, the ground now needs to be prepared to accept the new driveway; depending on your particular driveway, this excavation to the required depth can take 2 or 3 days
  • Once this has been completed, the hard core base needs to be added, followed by sharp sand and the installation of any retaining ‘edges’; what you will need to include in this time is any additional work that you have elected to include such as the preparation of steps or drainage for example
  • Once the ground is prepared and the foundation laid, the blocks can now start to take shape; a bit like tiling a wall, large, open spaces tend to take less time to complete as they are easier to lay; smaller driveways may take longer, as the matching and laying of blocks can be awkward in smaller spaces
  • We suggest that once the driveway is laid that to improve on longevity that it is sealed; not only does this protect the surface but it also maintained the ‘just laid’ look. This step is usually weather dependant – dry weather is needed for the seal to do its job properly, with 4 hours needed between coats.

The overall look of monoblock driveways is one that is sought after by many Glasgow customers; if it something that you think will work well with your property, why not contact S&D Projects to find out more?

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