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Home Extensions Airdrie

S&D provide a full home extensions design and build service to customers in Airdrie.

The ‘not-so-humble’ house extensions at Airdrie properties

You love your home but, there may be times when you feel that there is not enough living space. As the family grow in size, habits and needs change. You might find you no longer need a playroom, but a teenage den. You may also want a bigger kitchen, with a place to eat and entertain too.

The time has come to consider extending your property and there are all kinds of ways of doing this.

Up, down or to the side?

  • UP

If you need extra bedroom space, for example, many builders and home improvement experts suggest looking up. In many properties, there is a ripe space ready for conversion and extension - the loft.

House extensions at Airdrie properties need not be massive in size, nor in budget. The advantage of converting and extending the loft space is that the strong structure is already in place. In other words, the hard work is all done all builders need to do is check the structure, bolting on any new extension to the existing frame and structure.

  • DOWN

As well as ample loft space, many older style properties also have a hidden gem. Call it a basement, call it a cellar, but that space underneath your home could mean that you are literally sitting on a golden nugget.

As house extensions at Airdrie properties go, it is probably the most technical addition to a home, with the foundations needing to be checked and possibly strengthened, as well as digging out to do in order to gain the correct height space as per according to current planning standards.

That said, there is a lot that can be done with the space under a property but, this needs to be done correctly in order to fully appreciate the added value when you sell your property in the future. With correct planning permission, and clever design, you can add an extra room with en suite facilities, a cinema, a dining space, a gym, a library, and a home study… whatever you need in fact.


The most popular of house extension at Airdrie properties tends to be the additional room on the side. If you are looking for more space to use as a dining room, for example, it makes sense to bolt on an extension to the existing kitchen space.

There are all kinds of pleasant designs that can utilise this space to its full capacity and the addition of extra floor space to a property will increase value. However, simplicity masks a more complicated issue and that is the design of this space is paramount to really ensuring it adds versatility, and value.

Investing in house extensions in Airdrie is a step that many people have taken. How will you plan yours?


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