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Home Extensions Bearsden

S&D provide a full home extensions design and build service to customers in Bearsden.

Move or extend? Which option is best for you and your family?

It is a common problem in homes throughout Bearsden; as the family grows - both in numbers and in physical size! – space becomes squeezed. From your home being filled with toys, to friends coming round etc. the space within the property becomes less and less.

It also seems that more and more of us are opting to work from home too, but you cannot run your blossoming empire from the kitchen table much longer…

Two options

There are 2 options: move or extend.

Home extensions at Bearsden properties are common enough and this is a great option IF there is one major benefit: value.

On one hand, you are extending your property to accommodate a family or business that is changing shape and so, at the forefront of your mind may be gaining this valuable extra room. You convert the garage, extend in to the loft or add a whole new room on to your home, single or two storey.

Whichever form of extension you choose, home extensions at Bearsden properties must also add and not detract from, the financial value of the property.

You may think the additional 6’ by 8’ foot single storey room you have added on to your home is perfect for you, but if it is in an awkward spot, an awkward shape, or doesn’t ‘fit’ the property then you may find that this marvellous extension de-values your property slightly, both in terms of financial value and visual appeal.

Moving is something that many people consider and, for the majority of people this may be the right move. If outside space is tight or there is no more options to extend, then deciding to sell up is the way forward.

But, these two options are linked and it call comes down to balancing the books.

For those people who are looking to extend, we have already mentioned adding value. Home extensions at Bearsden properties are an investment of time, energy and money. If your plan is to add value and make a profit quickly, then you may find that the cost of the extension you want outweighs the profit margin.

On the other hand, if you do keep one eye on the future and invest in an extension, creating a great family home that will sell well in the future, then the pounds you spend now will double; depending on the market at the time of selling (and who can predict the future?!), you could triple this initial investment.

Is an extension right for you?

You could always ask S & D Projects for help and advice, as they have vast experience in creating superb home extensions at Bearsden properties, just like yours! And don’t forget, it is the usability and design of the place that really makes the extension valuable – to you now and in the future!

For FREE information and advice about our house extension solutions, contact S&D TODAY!

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