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Home Extensions Bellshill

S&D provide a full home extensions design and build service to customers in Bellshill.

Do’s and don’ts for house extensions in Bellshill

Thinking of extending of your home? It’s a great idea but you may have a few reservations or concerns about the whole process. Take a look at our do’s and don’ts for getting the best out of house extensions in Bellshill…

DO consult with an architect if you are unsure

Adding an extra room on to the rear of your property, for example, may seem simple enough. In some cases, it can be. But, if it encroaches on your neighbour’s right to natural light, or there are drains to be wary of and so on, employing an architect to deal with some of these technical issues can save on expensive problems later on.

DON’T bust your budget

Sometimes, people over-develop their homes. In other words, buyers won’t want a £250k house in a £100k street. Thus, you may not need to bust the budget to get the best from an extension. Opt for one that ‘fit’s your home, is one that you can use and offers you the extra space that you want and need.

DO consider your neighbours

If the building work is disruptive for you, then it is going to be disruptive to your neighbours too. Keep them informed of what is going on and also make sure that the building company start and finish and reasonable times. No one wants to wake to a pneumatic drill at 7am on a Sunday morning, even if it is essential work…

DON’T leave things to chance

People assume that everything will automatically and magically fall in to place. Every project, no matter big or small, needs to managed every step of the way. If you don’t have a project manager, then this means driving the project yourself. You may, of course, hand over everything to a reputable building company, who will project manage as part of their services.

DO get at least three quotations for your project from local builders

Quotations means that the building firm is telling you how much it will cost to hire them to complete the project you specified. House extensions in Bellshill can be a great way of adding value, as well as space to a property and you need it to be right. Always get three quotations and make sure they all quote for the same project as this makes comparison much easier.

DON’T go overboard

House extensions at Bellshill properties should fit the property. If you want gold taps and chandeliers, make sure that they are in keeping with your property as being too outlandish can mean that you end up spending money that you won’t recuperate.

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