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Home Extensions Bishopbriggs

S&D provide a full home extensions design and build service to customers in Bishopbriggs.

Creating perfect house extensions in Bishopbriggs – our ‘how to’ guide

If you are about to extend your home, you may be wondering how to go about it. Here is our step-by-step guide…

Step 1 – The Budget

First is the money you have available to create the extension because this will inform the type of extension you opt for, its size and finish etc. However, this doesn’t mean limiting your choice but making sure that you get the extra space that you need, at a price that is affordable.

Step 2 – The Priorities

Now you have an idea of budget, you need to see what you can get for your money but, before you commission a single-storey extension on the kitchen, for example, take a moment or two to think about what it is you need;

  • Extra living room – for many people, the extra living room of house extensions at Bishopbriggs properties is the most important factor of adding an extension
  • Extra bedroom – adding a bedroom, adds value to your property, providing it is executed well
  • Better flow through the property – older properties were built for families living in a different era and it may be that the flow of the home is no longer suitable for the modern-day family; house extensions at Bishopbriggs home can go a long way to improving the layout and flow
  • Bigger kitchen – many people use an extension to get a bigger kitchen and dining area

Step 3 – The Options

Now you have your budget and what you need from the extension, here are a few ideas to consider;

  • The loft -  if you want an extra bedroom, with or without en suite, check out the loft space. As the structure is already in place, it may be cheaper and easier to add a bedroom this way.
  • A conservatory – want an extra space to relax or entertain? A high-end, energy efficient conservatory can be a useful extension, adding much needed extra space.
  • A one or two storey built extension – if you have the space, you can have a one or two-storey extension built on the back or side of your property (subject to planning permissions). Two-storey will be more expensive, and will take longer to complete but there is no doubting that adding both extra living and bedroom space is a bonus.

Step 4 – Getting planning with a reliable, local builder

Here at S&D Projects, we work with our customers from beginning to end of their building project, creating the best in house extensions at Bishopbriggs properties. With this in mind, why not call one of the best building companies around?

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