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Home Extensions Blantyre

S&D provide a full home extensions design and build service to customers in Blantyre.

10 Top Tips for House Extensions in Blantyre

House extensions at Blantyre homes have been increasing in popularity in recent years. Most homeowners have opted to extend, rather than face the expense and stress of selling and buying somewhere bigger.

With this in mind, we offer 10 of the best tips for getting the best out of your extension project;

  1. Budget – you will probably not have a bottomless pit of cash to spend on an extension so you need to plan the whole project from beginning to end, making sure that you do not overspend. It can be easy for the costs of any building project to spiral out of control.
  2. Purpose – why are you extending? Understanding the answer to this means you get the bets extension for you and within budget. If you don’t need another bedroom, why opt for a two-storey extension? If you need more living space, how can you achieve this?
  3. Length of time on the project – if you want it completing within a week, a complex three-storey extension is not going to happen! You need to be realistic about how long it will take to build the right extension, and have a high quality finish.
  4. Planning permission – the rules of planning permissions for some types of house extensions in Hamilton have changed. You may be pleasantly surprised to find that you don’t need it, or it is a much easier, less stressful process that what you thought. But, always check before you start any building project.
  5. Do you need an architect? – some people plan and create their own extension project from paper to build. Other people prefer to use the services of an architect. There are pros and cons to both approaches but unless you have experience, we always suggest consulting with an architect at some point before the build.
  6. Impact on neighbours – don’t forget your neighbours. There are a couple of things to consider; firstly, the finishes extension should not deprive your neighbours of natural light. You also need to consider how disruptive this work can be on your neighbours, so make sure that work starts and finishes at reasonable times.
  7. Conservation area – if your property is in a conservation area, there may be specific rules that your building project will have to follow. Always check!
  8. Where? – extending your property doesn’t always mean adding another room on to the back of the house. How about converting the loft – a permitted development in many areas – or looking at extending the property inside by knocking down walls etc.
  9. Timetabling – with any building project, you need to manage it and this where timetabling comes in. If you are handling the whole project, you will need to coordinate various trades on site and so on. Time to construct a timetable!
  10. Find a reliable, local and skilled building company – simple, just call S&D Projects.

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