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Home Extensions Cambuslang

S&D provide a full home extensions design and build service to customers in Cambuslang.

Creating space – it can be done with home extensions in Cambuslang!

Financially viable. Long term investment. Expense. Budgets. Negative ‘equity’.

These are all phrases connected with property but, they can rear their heads nit just when you search for the perfect home, but when you decide to extend your property. Home extensions at Cambuslang properties need to be a considered approach; adding a sunroom or a dining room may the perfect solution but can it be done properly, without creating negative ‘equity’ or de-valuing your property?

Property is a long term investment, there is no doubt. At one time, back in the 1980s with easy credit and some half decent DIY skills, buying up small properties, doing them up and putting them back on the market for someone to snap up at 10 times what you paid for it, are hallucinogenic days that have now passed.

Investing in property is a tough business. People are finding it difficult not only to get on the first rung of the ladder, but to move up the property ladder. Grabbing the nearly-perfect family home can seem a distant dream.

But, people buy properties and then consider that an extension may be the answer.

In the vast majority of home extensions in Cambuslang, the answer is the perfect solution to shortage of space.

Converting the loft space, for example, to make a games or hobby room is great, as is making it into another bedroom. Converting the garage is also an extension project that many people opt for. Adding an extra room or a conservatory is also a sure fire winner… or are they?

Home extensions at Cambuslang properties need the input of an experienced company such as S & D Projects to really set the extension in context, because if it isn’t, then it may actually appear awkward and usable to anyone other than yourself. Bespoke extensions are all well and good but if they created specifically just for you, with no thought as to how they affect the value of the property, you may find that the ‘perfect’ extension becomes the issue why your property doesn’t sell in the future.

And so, consider if home extensions at Cambuslang properties do the following;

  • Best use of space – is losing half the garden the answer? If your garden is small, you may need to looking at extending within the property i.e. the loft
  • Usability – does a small 5’ by 5’ room really add that much? If you looking for office space, why not look at a garden room, separate from the house? This could be more of a selling feature.
  • Conversion from one use to another – the garage may not be used to park the family car but, if making it into a utility room etc. is the best option, is there still ample parking options for the car, either a driveway or on the road? Most buyers prefer, at a minimum, driveway parking.

Are your home extension plans financially viable? Do they add more value that what you will spend?

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