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Home Extensions Cumbernauld

S&D provide a full home extensions design and build service to customers in Cumbernauld.

5 most-forgotten factors in creating house extensions for Cumbernauld customers

Your home is the place where you should feel safe and secure, as well as enjoy living. Are there times, however, when you feel you could do with a little more space?

Do you wish that you had a dining room connected to the kitchen that was open plan and modern? Do you need extra work space at home, now that you are taking advantage of remote, home working? Do the children need a play space or the teenagers need additional space other than their bedrooms?

All these questions can be answered with an extension and, in many cases, adding extra floor space to a property is not as expensive and onerous as you think. By spending a small amount of money, you can actually add quite a large proportion of value.

But value and functionality only come when the extension is well planned and designed. There are pitfalls to avoid…

1)      In the wrong place – some house extensions at Cumbernauld properties, it could be argued, are in the wrong place. Some people simply add it on at the most convenient spot but, it may be that you need to think about the positioning of your extension so that you do get the best from the additional space. So, does it work better on the rear or the side of your property? Take a fresh look.

2)      The budget is not big enough – when we say this, we are not suggesting you throw yourselves in to debt but, people often fail to marry what are essentially unrealistic expectations of what they can achieve, and the financial means they have to achieve it. In other words, the plans might be grand, the budget is not. Be realistic about what you can afford and plan it to fit.

3)      Neighbours – some people do live in the middle of nowhere, with only livestock for neighbours but, in villages, towns and cities across Scotland, there are house extensions that have succeeded in creating feuds with neighbours. This is NOT a great position to be in so, you will need to be prepared for the fact that some of your neighbours will have objections to what you are planning. Be prepared to compromise.

4)      Planning permissions, warrants and so on – there will be some paperwork and planning regulations that will need to be followed. These become more complex in conservation areas, as well as for properties that may be listed or partially listed. There are also permission that need to be in place before building work starts so don’t take the risk and build within planning permission. It will cost you more financially and emotionally in the long run.

5)      Timetable – some people also rush the project and when this happens, the finish of house extensions in Cumbernauld is actually poor and not to their standard. For example, if you have spent more time considering everything, the electrical socket wouldn’t be in such a hard to reach place…

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