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Home Extensions East Kilbride

S&D provide a full home extensions design and build service to customers in East Kilbride.

Home extensions in East Kilbride – adapting to family life.

Family life has changed over the years. At one time, children home in their late teens or early 20s, but children are staying home longer. Various factors influence this from house prices making it difficult for young people to get a foot on the ladder, to more people attending university, effectively delaying ‘getting a job’ until their mid-20s in some cases.

The statistics

Young men and women aged between 20 and 25, are now more likely to still be living at home – 29% of boys, and 18% of the girls in fact. This is a significant increase on how family life used to be decades ago.

Likewise, many families are ‘adopting’ the older generation too and so it is likely that many families have Grandma living with them too!

Your home

Of course, unless you purpose built your home to meet the exact needs and size of your family, the likelihood is you are living in a property that was designed and built some years ago; decades even! What this means, of course, is that the solid structure and layout of the property may not be conducive to expanding and contracting as you family moves, grows and decreases again.


Rather than move, many householders look to home extensions in East Kilbride to add value to their property – both in terms of much-needed extra space but also financial value. Extending a property, for example, with a well-designed additional bedroom and bathroom can instantly add £10,000 on the value (depending on the area and the local property market).

In many cases, the value added to a property with home extensions in East Kilbride, will cost far less than you think so, what are the options…?

  • Loft conversions – many home extensions in East Kilbride are loft conversion. Some properties, with the addition of skylights and a fixed staircase can have an instant room added but others take on larger projects; dormer windows, balconies etc. can all make a loft conversion into something very special
  • Room over the garage – many home extensions in East Kilbride also look at adding on top of the fixed garage; a well-known tactic for introducing an extra bedroom or bathroom, this is a sure fire way of adding appeal and value BUT, watch out that designs do not leave you with a maze of corridors and landings as these are known to put potential buyers off.
  • Additional room/section – a common adaptation as part of home extensions in East Kilbride is to add a completely new block or section to the house. This can be single or double storey. Property experts suggest that when adding an extra bedroom to a family home, for example, that adding a second bathroom become imperative. These types of home extensions in East Kilbride mean that properties do benefit from both, as well as additional living space downstairs.

There are many ways to add much-needed space with home extensions in East Kilbride – why not contact us to find out more?

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