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Home Extensions Kilmarnock

S&D provide a full home extensions design and build service to customers in Kilmarnock.

House extensions in Kilmarnock – how to get the best for you, your home and your budget!

Budget plays a big part in any renovation or extension work you opt for at your home. But getting the best is not just about money…

You need the best plans

House extensions at Kilmarnock properties may not be large, grand additions and this means that many people assume that what they need is a box built on to the back or side of their home.

This can suffice but is this all you are looking for, a house extension that is ‘sufficient’? We think you are looking for something more and so it pays to spend some time considering what it is you want from the extension – and if a square box is the right solution.

You may wish to consult with an architect or sometimes, a local building company can draft a set of plans that may be sufficient in the case of a simple extension. If you are unsure, it can pay dividends to get an architect involved in the early stages.

You need the best materials

House extensions at Kilmarnock homes need to be built to last. But they also need to be energy efficient, something that not many people realise until they come to have the extension signed off by the local planning department.

By spending time on the ‘mechanics of a project, you will end up with a high quality, finished product.

You need the best solution

A house extension is not just about adding a concrete or brick box to your home. For example, why not consider what the following could offer?

  • Loft extension – with an existing structure in place, a loft conversion can be the perfect extension for adding either a bedroom or additional living room with a roof top view.
  • High quality conservatory – with an insulated roof and energy efficient glass, for a straightforward house extension, a conservatory can be the ideal solution.
  • Garden room – not technically attached to your home, but a garden room or log cabin is perfect if you want a space to relax in, or a study etc.

You need the best builders

You want a building company that can deliver the service that they say can, who are on time, who will stay on site to start and finish the job and who review their work and quality of finish right from the moment they start.

Finding such a building firm is not too hard now that you have S&D Projects to contact…

For FREE information and advice about our house extension solutions, contact S&D TODAY!

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