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Home Extensions Kingspark

S&D provide a full home extensions design and build service to customers in Kingspark.

Creating house extensions at Kingspark properties – your questions answered

If you are looking to extend your property, you are joining many other homeowners who are now enjoying extra space in their home. Here we answer some of the most frequently asked questions;

Why extend when I could move to a bigger property?

Selling and moving home can, for some people, be incredibly stressful. It is also expensive, with all kinds of hidden costs and fees. It can also take time to sell a property.

With a well-designed and built extension, you can add value to your property, creating a better flow through the property, as well as adding much needed space. For many families, house extensions in Kingspark have added the extra room that they needed, quickly, easily and with minimal disruption.

Isn’t it messy having building work done? Will we need to move out?

Depending on the kind of home extensions being built at Kingspark properties, most people find that they can carry on living in the property whilst the work is being completed. You may prefer to move out but with a smaller project that can be completed within a matter of weeks, this may not be needed.

What kind of extension can I afford on my small budget?

You will be surprised at just how far your budget will stretch when it comes to building house extensions in Kingspark.

Rather than thinking about your budget, think about purpose first – what is it you need out of the project? Do you need a few extra feet of living space or are you extending the kitchen? Do you need an extra bedroom?

Once you have a list of priorities from the extension, you can decide how this will fit with your budget. Two storey extensions will be more expensive than a single storey one, but by adding another bedroom, you could be adding more value to your property.

And don’t forget, there are different ways to extend a property, some of which are less stressful on your budget than others.

What are the ‘cheaper’ extension options?

Converting the loft can be a cheaper way of adding extra room to a home. With the basics structure in place, it is a case of ‘making it good’ with electrics, plastering, lighting and so on.

Adding a conservatory can also be a great way of adding extra, versatile space. There are all kinds of options, and there is a solution that will fit with your budget.

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