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Home Extensions Motherwell

S&D provide a full home extensions design and build service to customers in Motherwell.

House extension at Motherwell properties – the questions to ask as you design the space

House extension at Motherwell homes can add much-needed extra space. What it needs to do and provide will vary from home to home and, as such, there are no hard and fast rules about what should and should not be done.

But, as with all improvements and changes to a property, it pays to spend some time thinking and planning the design. Failing to grasp some key concepts can mean that the extension you need, is not what you get.

Adding value – financial and versatility

Overall, successful house extension at Motherwell property fulfil all the criteria needed to make it into the space that the family or homeowners need.

Initially, many people decide to add an extension because they need it. But, there is also a keen eye on the value of the property. Adding space does add value but to add maximum value, the space needs to be designed and executed well.

Extensions can alter the whole exterior look of a property, changing what some people may see as a flat façade, into a more appealing one.

But, what happens if you get it wrong, and how can you avoid the pitfalls?

  • Design – you have wants, needs and desires for the additional space and it makes perfect, logical sense to build or extend in a way that you want. This is achieved easily enough however, there is a need to spend some time considering the space, and how it can 9and cannot) be used. An ill-thought extension can be nothing more than the addition of a corridor on the rear or side of a property. Avoid this by taking time thinking of door and window placement.
  • Budget – you will have an amount in mind that you can spend on the project but, some house extensions at Motherwell properties look slightly devoid and this is because the budget was not proportioned correctly. Don’t forget that there will be VAT, fees and other costs added to services and materials. It also pays to peel off 10% of our budget as a ‘slush fund’. This is the ‘just-in-case’ pot of money that can cope with small issues that inevitably crop up on every home improvement project.
  • No fitting your property – there are times when you may see house extensions at Motherwell properties and beyond that simply do not match the look or feel of the property. This is important in so many aspects; in most cases, for example, people want the extension to blend with their property but there are times when a modern extension can sit well with an older property. But, it all takes clever design and insight to meld these two look together – otherwise it will look like an out of place box bolted on to your home.

House extensions at Motherwell homes are much needed in many cases – how will you plan yours?

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