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Garage Conversions Bearsden

S&D provide a full garage conversions design and build service to customers in Bearsden.

Garage conversions in Bearsden – get the best use from the space

Quite often, the space within the garage is underutilised and an unloved space. Originally created and built to protect the car from all weathers (and protect is from criminal acts too), most people would struggle to fit the modern family car into the garage nowadays.

Hence, what tends to happen is it becomes the store for wobbly-wheeled bikes, things that will be fixed, as well as a few old paint tins and tools. Essentially, at a time when many people are looking to have more space within their homes, they overlook the ugly duckling that lurks in the garden.

Now is the time to take another look at garage conversions at you Bearsden property!

Why convert the garage as opposed to any other kind of renovation or extension?

Adding more space to your home is a great investment, but with so many options open to the homeowner, from loft conversions to sunrooms, conservatories and extensions, how do garage conversions at Bearsden properties measure up?

  • Overall, converting the garage is a cost-effective solution to gaining valuable extra space. The outer shell is already erect, therefore providing that this is in a good state of repair, very little needs to be spent on insulation, heating and finishing, for example. If you are handy at DIY and have the time, some of these simpler, internal finishing jobs could be completed by yourself but the majority of people looking into garage conversions at their Bearsden properties find that it is wise to invest in the full services of a company like ours.
  • A prudent investment in your property too - Various housing market analysts and pundits suggests that adding 140 square foot of living space to your property could increase its value by as much as 10%, more in some case of the conversion is designed well and completed to a high standard. Depending on the type of room added too – such as a bedroom, extra living room etc. – the impact on the value of your home could be much more.
  • Most single garages are around 150 square foot in floor size, offering ample space for a double bed or a dining table etc. and so what you use your converted garage for, really knows no limits.
  • Part conversions are also a possibility in some cases too as many people looking into garage conversions for their Bearsden properties, are worried about lack of storage space for bikes etc. Some homeowners opt to have a secure shed on site whilst others opt for part conversions – a great solution is you have a double garage or a larger garage.
  • Unless you plan on demolishing the current garage and building one much bigger, you will rarely need planning permission although there are still building regulations etc. that must be met in order for the garage conversion to be ‘official’ and safe. However, we always advise contacting the local planning department for clarification on these issues BEFORE work is started.

Is it a DIY job?

Garage conversions at Bearsden properties are important – they are an investment of your hard-earned cash and, for some families, provide a much needed additional living space of bedroom, In other words, it is too important a job for someone with limited skills, resources and tools to take on.

Discover how the experts can breathe new life into your garage! Contact us for a quote today.


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