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Garage Conversions East Kilbride

S&D provide a full garage conversions design and build service to customers in East Kilbride.

Garage conversions at East Kilbride properties – a welcome addition!

With recent reports suggesting that UK houses are now home to a larger, extended family, the emphasis is once again on making the best use of the space we have in our homes. For this reasons, people are once again looking at the possibilities of garage conversions at East Kilbride properties.

With grandparents, parents and children all living under one roof, it become even more important to have individualised space, with garage conversions at East Kilbride properties offering the opportunity of creating a ‘granny flat’. The term, coined to describe usually a self-contained unit, is a great space for anyone in the family to have ‘their own front door’ but enjoying the security and safety of the larger family.

Are garage conversions the perfect granny flat?

The garage is strong and in most cases, ‘box’ shaped but not only is this, despite its simplicityofstructure and design, usually the most accessible as well as the easiest of space to transform. In fact, garage conversions at East Kilbride properties are also usually the most cost-effective. Structurally, very little needs to change or happen within the structure, with the bulk being interior walls. Compared with other conversion projects, such as the basement or cellar conversion, converting the garage space is far easier, making it the preferred option in many cases.

Likewise, the accessibility to the garage is usually far better than the main house. Clearly designed to house a car at some point, the front entrance area is usually sweeping and obstacle free hence for those looking to create disabled access friendly premises, as well as a purpose built interior, garage conversions for East Kilbride customers offer a whole host of options.

Converting the garage creates a pleasant space too, with plenty of natural light and as they can also be insulated easily (and at relatively low cost) the garage can soon be transformed into a cosy, enjoyable space to use.

In fact, the biggest advantage of converting the garage is the relative simplicity and ease, at which it can be done, and the speed at which the project can be completed too.

However, don’t be mis-led thinking that garage conversions at East Kilbride properties is not a specialist job. As with loft conversions, it pays to invest with a specialist company to design and create the ‘granny flat’ within the confines of the garage. Building regulation, planning consents and building warrants are still needed, so before you take the plunge it pays to consult an experienced company such as S&D Projects.

If you have parking space, either on or off-road, it pays to take a look at what garage conversions can offer the East Kilbride customer; from additional living space for older members of the family through to an accessibly play area for the children, what could a converted garage offer you?

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