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Garage Conversions Paisley

S&D provide a full garage conversions design and build service to customers in Paisley.

Garage conversions for Paisley properties – how much could your garage offer you?

There are many homeowners caught in the trap of not being able to afford a larger homer, especially with the recent recession still being an issue and the effect this has had on household budgets. Many people are also choosing not to move, so that they avoid a bigger mortgage in these uncertain economic times.

As a result, many are looking at garage conversions at their Paisley property as a means of adding much needed additional living space to their homes. No matter how you intend using it – office, additional living room, play room, gym etc. – investing in the garage is a great move!

  • Harnessing a great space – your garage may be currently spider invested, dark, damp and cold but within a few days, it could soon become a light and airy room. In a relatively short space of time, with insulation and ventilations, along with some other structural additions, garage conversions at Paisley properties can be instantly useable.
  • Cost-effective too – not many people realise how attainable a garage conversion is in relation to the budget you have. Structurally sound, garages require very little to make them into a habitable space. Lighting and plumbing is often already installed and simply need updating, and with some well-placed interior walls and doors, you can have an instantly useable space.
  • Adds value – research and feedback from property pundits suggest that a well-designed and professionally converted garage could add significantly to the value of your property. For relatively little cost, garage conversions at Paisley properties could add as much as 10% to their value. But take care – shoddy work will not command the same increase in value!
  • Simple & easy – garage conversions at Paisley properties are simple, quick and easy to complete but do not think that anyone can do it! Stick with specialist and experienced conversions specialist to get the best design and build quality.

How do you know it is right for you and your home?

There are several key questions to ask yourself before opting for a conversion as in some cases, remove the use of the garage as a garage may be detrimental…

  • Consider your parking requirements – those properties with a short supply on on or of road parking may be taking a backward step by losing the garage
  • Storage is also an important factor and many garage conversions at Paisley properties will mean a loss of this aspect – for example, gardening equipment, family bikes etc. will all need a new storage ‘home’.
  • How much insulation will need to be added to make it a workable and useable space all year round? Don’t scrimp of the quality of insulation and don’t forget ventilation is important too. Depending on how much insulation needs to be added, you may find the cost increases.

Undoubtedly, garage conversions offer Paisley customers great addition living space that is flexible and versatile. Have you considered how much more your garage could offer you?

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