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Garage Conversions Rutherglen

S&D provide a full garage conversions design and build service to customers in Rutherglen.

Garage conversions in Rutherglen – are they a good idea?

We seem to be bombarded with what are ‘good’ conversions and what are ‘not-so-good’ ones; we watch the TV programmes that highlight the pitfalls of renovations and building, as well as spending out evenings marvelling at one people do with the smallest space imaginable…

As a result of these programmes, online ‘magazines’ and a growing confidence to take on projects, homeowners are looking to convert the garage from a spider infested and woodlice den to… well, just about anything!

And you currently use your garage for…?

Ummm… We bet it is NOT for parking the family car or cars. It may house the washing machine, the chest freezer, the family bikes, the ‘I’ll take those to the tip one day’ rubbish pile, maybe the mower and the other outdoor paraphernalia that we collect over the years.

A glorified bolt hole for the rubbish and the bits we-may-need-but-we’ll-just-leave-them-there-until-we-decide, this space could be so much more. Why not take a look at garage conversion for your Rutherglen property?

What can you use your garage for?

You can convert it into just about anything…

  • Another lounge or living space area
  • Another bedroom
  • Another bathroom
  • A pay room or teenage ‘hang out’
  • A kitchen extension
  • Home cinema, with the latest high definition projector, screen and surround sound
  • A gym
  • A space to work, paint and create
  • A laundry, with drying space
  • And the list could go on and on and on…

For many garage conversion in Rutherglen, the most popular use has been as an extra living room or additional ‘reception’ space for the home. Having two lounges or another space is a great way of giving the family space to do what they want, without clashing over the TV or reading, listening to music etc.

But what about planning permissions, building regulations and so on?

Before attempting any conversion, it is always wise to seek the advice of the local council. Planning permission is rarely required, providing the floor space will be no bigger than what it currently is. But, if garage conversion at any Rutherglen home are to be used as bedrooms etc., there are building regulations that must be adhered to – this is to keep you and family safe, rather than being a hindrance or a nuisance.

Adding extra square footage to your property could also see you increase its value so why not contact us for some more information about how you garage could become the room you need it to really be (rather than just the place you put things when you can’t think where else to put them)?

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