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Loft Conversions Blantyre

S&D provide a full loft conversions design and build service to customers in Blantyre.

Why loft conversions at Blantyre properties are worth considering

Loft conversions at Blantyre properties can add as much as 10% to 15% of value to your home but only if they are designed well and finished to a high standard.

Here are some design tips from loft conversion specialists…

It’s all about balance

This doesn’t mean a loft conversion should be balanced on top of the building but more about balance in how you live in your home and what space you really need.

Most people convert a loft to make it into a bedroom. By meeting all necessary building regulations, adding an extra bedroom really does add value to your home, making it a far more attractive prospect to buyers, if you are thinking of selling in the near future.

Of course, adding a bedroom is great but does it need an en-suite? In a larger home, you may find that adding another bathroom would be advantageous but in a two or three bedroomed property you may find that this expense is not necessarily worth it in terms of the value it adds.

Toilets can be added anywhere

At one time, the toilet had to be separated from the main room via means of a ventilated lobby or corridor. The building regulations have not been relaxed a touch but any loo you add in the loft conversion will need to be ventilated and have a sink. It might be that you decide to opt for the complete bathroom or decide that a cloakroom type arrangement is sufficient for your needs

There is no ratio to room arrangement needed any more

Unless you are planning on renting your property out, there is very little in the regulations that stipulate how loft conversions at Blantyre properties need to be used. If you want to add a sky lounge, then feel free; if it needs to be a home office, then use it as such or, if you need another bedroom, go ahead and use the converted loft for exactly that.


The legal minimum height has, like other rules, been removed or relaxed in recent years and so, if you want to convert a small loft and crouch in it, technically you can. If, however, you want a certain level of comfort, then we suggest you are looking at a minimum head height of 2.1 metres. If the ceiling slopes, a loft with at least 50% of the space at this height will be a great space to use.


Not all loft conversion at Blantyre properties are used for bedrooms etc. Some people like to use them as much needed storage spaces – regardless of what and how you intend to use the space, we can design and create the loft conversion you need.

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