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Loft Conversions Kilmarnock

S&D provide a full loft conversions design and build service to customers in Kilmarnock.

5 Myths about Loft Conversions at Kilmarnock Properties

Thinking of converting your loft? It’s a great idea and one that many people have already done but, you may find that there are people who will try to put you off the idea, citing all kinds of reasons why converting the loft into another bedroom, an office and so on, is not a good idea.

In terms of home improvements, we think it is one of the easiest, least disruptive ones that can have an immediate impact on how you use your home and on its value. But here are five common myths about home improvements busted!

Myth 1 – It is difficult to get planning permission for loft conversions at Kilmarnock properties

This is an old argument, blown out the water by recent relaxation of certain planning permission rules and regulations. Many people are choosing to stay in their homes for longer, with the possibility of climbing the rungs of the housing ladder harder to come by with mortgage products being limited.

Thus, some kinds of loft conversions at Kilmarnock properties may not need planning permission at all.  Furthermore, if local planning departments drag their feet, they can face a fine.

Myth 2 – loft conversions are not worth the financial investment

Some people say that the amount it takes to convert a loft is not reflected in the value that it adds to the property. However, we find that this is only the case when the design and finish does not match the purpose of the conversion.

For example, who wants to be messing about with ladders when they need a fixed staircase to access the space?

Myth 3 – loft conversions at Kilmarnock properties are not energy efficient

Again, an old myth that has circulated for some time and maybe true of older conversions where the insulation and ventilation were not done to a high standard or, where these standards now fall behind current ideas and regulations.

Myth 4 – they lack light

Many people think that a loft conversion will leave them with a room with one or two skylights and effectively, a dark room. This is not the case. Skylights can be large, allowing light to pour in and with other kinds of window solutions on offer, you really can have a light and airy space.

Myth 5 – spending the money on moving home is a wiser financial move

Really?! The cost of moving is thought to be rising every year, there us stamp duty to pay, estate agent fees, conveyancing fees and so on, all making moving from one place to another far more expensive, disruptive and stressful than you think. In only a matter of weeks, you can have another bedroom, another living room, a nice space at the top of your home.

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