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Loft Conversions Kirkintilloch

S&D provide a full loft conversions design and build service to customers in Kirkintilloch.

The Advantages of Loft Conversions at Kirkintilloch Homes

The loft is an often under-utilised space, a place that is dusty, yet cavernous, home to a few boxes with long-forgotten items in them. The time has come to take a fresh look at the loft and seriously examine what it can start to offer you…

#1 Improve NOT move!

At one time, it was a natural progression that as your family grew, you bought a bigger property. As they flew the nest, you down-sized to a smaller property.

But we live in different economic times and getting a mortgage for your first property can be difficult; getting a bigger mortgage for property number 2 can be almost impossible.

This is why most homeowners are looking to improve rather than move and when it comes to adding another bedroom or another living space, the loft makes the perfect space to do this.

The structure is already in place meaning that spending the money to make it better and useable is not as large a budget as you may think.

#2 Add value

At some point, you will sell your home, whether you do that five years after moving or after 25 years of living there. You want a return on your investment and this means keeping your home in good order but also making improvements that add to its value – and not detract from it.

A well-designed, constructed and finished loft conversion will add value to your home. How much depends on market conditions, your home and where it is located. But investing in loft conversions at Kirkintilloch properties is not a bad idea.

#3 Quick and relatively simple

As we said earlier, the structural part of the loft is already in place. In some instances, there may be a few changes or adaptations that need to be made but in the main, the basics needed are in place.

This makes for less disruption and no need to dig down, lay foundations and so on. Walls (if there are any) can be knocked down providing they are not load bearing. The roof doesn’t need replacing unless you are adding height, and the simplest of loft conversions at Kirkintilloch will have skylights.

It takes weeks, rather than months, with very little worry or hassle caused to the rest of the household.

#4 No planning permission needed (in most cases)

Unless you are raising the roofline or creating another marvellous structure, you don’t need planning permission in most cases for a loft conversion.

#5 A delightful room

Rent an office? You can now work from home. Need a space in which you can relax? Convert the loft. Need a bedroom for the folks when they visit? Convert the loft.

There are all kinds of reasons for loft conversions at Kirkintilloch homes, and very few reasons not to. What will your loft become?

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