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Loft Conversions Motherwell

S&D provide a full loft conversions design and build service to customers in Motherwell.

Why are loft conversions at Motherwell properties a great idea?

The loft in many properties is a cavernous space, hitherto underutilised. Used as a space to store things, it is a space that could be put to better use.

The good news is that the change it from a dusty, empty space to a useable room with a view takes next to no time and, even better, takes far less money that you think too. Here we look at some of the reasons why loft conversions at Motherwell properties are a great idea…

More room to use as you want!

Do you need an extra bedroom or another room for the kids to hang out in? Or maybe you would just like another room, a music room, a study or a space to enjoy the roof top view?

An extension is a great idea but even a single storey project can be budget-breaking, never mind the hassle of planning permission. The loft is a space that can be converted quickly and doesn’t usually need planning permission, but it is always wise to check first.

As the main load bearing structure is there, in many cases, it is usually the aesthetic process of insulating, laying floors, plastering and so on to convert the loft from empty space to useable room.

Adds value

Before you go skipping to the bank with oodles of cash in your pocket, we do need to sound a note of caution.  Loft conversions at Motherwell properties do add value IF…

  • They are designed well
  • The finish is superior
  • The correct certification and regulations are all in place

Cutting a hole in the roof for a skylight does not turn the loft into a bedroom or a study – it takes a fraction more effort than that!

Quick and simple and - dare we say it? – easy too

It has already been hinted at that loft conversions at Motherwell properties could be one of the simples means of adding extra space and room to your property.

For many people, the biggest structural piece of work is adding a fixed staircase. Many lofts already have electricity in them, so that is a case of checking the wiring and so on. Some homeowners opt to have an en-suite bathroom fitted if it is a bedroom being added.

How do you know if your loft if ripe for conversion?

There are some properties that may need to have some remedial work to ensure that the floor of the loft will be strong enough and so on but, this is easily and quickly rectified. To find out if your loft is ripe for conversion, call us!

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