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Loft Conversions Uddingston

S&D provide a full loft conversions design and build service to customers in Uddingston.

Do you have questions about loft conversions? Unsure whether your Uddingston property is ready for a converted loft?

Loft conversions at Uddingston properties are a great way of adding much needed extra space but, you may have several questions about converting the loft and what is involved. Here we look at some of the common questions asked about loft conversions…

  1. 1. Are loft conversions at Uddingston properties expensive?

The structure of the loft is already in situ so the good news is, is that in most cases, there is very little ‘heavy’ structural work to be carried out.

That said, the final bill will depend very much on what you intend doing with the loft space. The more elaborate the design, the bigger the final bill. That said, a basic loft conversion, with minimal structural work and simply making the room ‘good’ start at around £5,000. For not much more, you could have a truly stunning finish and an amazing loft conversion.

  1. 2. How long does a loft conversion take?

Again, it is good news for loft conversions at Uddingston properties can take a matter of weeks and are certainly far less disruptive when it comes to rubble, dust, noise and intrusion on your home. Your neighbours will also be pleased to note there us very little disruption to them in the shape of heavy machinery and so on.

  1. 3. How much value will it add to my home?

As well as adding much-needed extra space, many homeowners convert the loft as a simple and relatively easy way of adding value to their home. If done properly, value added will be more than what you spent on the project.

However, to get the most value from loft conversions at Uddingston we suggest you look at the following in detail:

  • Any planning regulations or permissions that may be needed – in most cases, a loft conversion is a permitted development but always check prior to work commencing
  • Certification is in place and regulationsmet – any work you complete on your home will need to be of the highest standard and you will need to ensure that it is ‘signed off’ with the correct regulations having been met
  • It fits well with the house and offers the best in terms of function – if you convert the loft to a bedroom, for example, are you including an en-suite? Is the finish of the highest quality?


  1. 4. How do I start?

Before you start doing anything, get a free quotation from us and get a true idea of what is needed to convert your loft into something amazing. 


For FREE information and advice about our loft conversions solutions, contact S&D TODAY!

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