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Patios Airdrie

S&D provide a full patio supply and installation service to customers in Airdrie.

Deciding on size and shape – what factors need to be considered when designing patios for Airdrie homes?

Re-designing and landscaping the garden is an exciting opportunity that opens up a whole range of possibilities. Patios at Airdrie properties are popular, even though many people still associate the patio with the rather dull and bland looking rectangles of concrete, or uneven flags.

The patio, however, has undergone a transformation and there are very few limits on what you can and cannot do with a patio. However, these images in glossy magazines may look fun but the truth is, get the basics wrong, and the patio you create will not be the space that you need, and want it to be.

Factors to consider in the patio design process

What are you going to use the patio for?

Might seem like an obvious question, but it is the starting point that many people miss. Understanding what you are going to use this valuable outdoor space for can help in designing its shape and size.

If you plan on entertaining family and friends, maybe opting for the occasional summer BBQ for example, it may be that the bigger the patio is, the better.

How much space do you have?

Some people opt for patios at their Airdrie home to effectively become their garden, giving a courtyard appearance but other people struggle with this, as they prefer to have as much garden as possible.

Hence, if you garden is bijou, then the patio needs to be in proportion and scale with its surroundings. Too big and it will swamp the outdoor space, too small and it will look a little lost an ineffective.

What is your budget?

Some people decide that the creation and installation of a patio at their home is a DIY project that they can take on themselves. Let us sound a note of caution here – remember all those badly laid patios, with uneven flag stones and cracked concrete? – this was as a result of the foundations not being laid correctly. Hence, when the earth moved or shifted beneath the top layer, this layer started to move too.

How many levels?

In essence, a true patio paying homage to its Spanish roots is a layer that is at ground level. Increasingly, however, we are seeing patios at Airdrie properties that have more than one level, looking far more complex.

How will you design yours?

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