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Patios Bellshill

S&D provide a full patio supply and installation service to customers in Bellshill.

THE hot trends in patios for Bellshill customers in 2015!

Like many things, the interior and exterior of our homes go through trends; how we dress the windows to the colours we use of walls, floors and ceilings all change from season to season.

The garden is no different. Styles of planting and designs come and go. And, if you are concerning the addition of a patio to your Bellshill garden in 2015, you might want to bear in mind the hot trend that every garden should aspire to…

Patios 2015: The Country Style

If you want an on-trend outside space this year, intending to include patios as many other Bellshill customers have done then the style to head for in the country style but what does this mean? What planting and materials are involved?

The overall look: chic and busy, without the addition of clutter or overly bright, coloured accessories. Think sweet and elegant, rather than loud and brash.

Can it work in any garden?

Yes, the country style is an adaptive style that can easily be honed and reformed for any garden space, large or small.

What are the key materials?

For those Bellshill customers looking to create country style patios, understated materials are key in the overall creation. No concrete or pavers in sight; think wooden railway sleepers, stone walls and natural stones. Gravel is the favoured choice of patio surface.

What else creates the country style look?

  • Planting – when choosing plants for your country style patio, opt for traditional, classic plants that are elegant, but not blousy. To get the real country look, select one colour that accents the back drop and country feel of your patio. In most cases, country style patios in Bellshill gardens opt for light blue plants, with the occasional accent of pink. Think hydrangeas, carnations and the delights of violas.
  • Furniture – again, simplicity of key to a country style patio; steer clear of the more modern, bulkier furniture and opt for metal framed chairs, and understated tables. To pep it up, add a few cushions here and there.
  • Accessories – country style patios in Bellshill garden need not be plain; accessories and embellishments can be added but again, think understated elegance rather than loud and brash. Ditsy print cushions, with a contrasting table cloth along all add to the country style feel. The must-have accessories is the pillar candle but think safety, and opt for the elegant and simplicity of storm glass candle holders.

Patios at Bellshill properties are all about relaxing and enjoying the garden; will opt for this latest on-trend style?


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