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Patios Bishopbriggs

S&D provide a full patio supply and installation service to customers in Bishopbriggs.

The two A’s of creating patios at Bishopsbriggs properties…

Patios are a wonderful addition to any garden. No longer will you have to wade through mud or sit on a chair that sinks in the law; you have a delightful, solid platform on which to sit, relax, socialise and play.

But, creating the patio is one thing, making sure you are designing, planning and creating on that will be used is another. There are 2 A’s to designing a patio that offers perfection for every customer…

  1. i.             Accessibility

First and foremost, before you starts looking at other Bishopsbriggs patios for inspiration on style, materials and size, you need to take an objective look at your garden. Simply adding to the patio to the bottom of the garden or attaching it to your property does not mean is will be accessible; if accessibility is compromised, then you won’t use it. It really is that simple.

Thus, to avoid a redundant patio, think about the following:

  • Sun or shade – some people love the sun, others prefer sitting or socialising in shade. Opting for the optimum spot in the garden that gives you what you want is the first step in guaranteeing accessibility.
  • Privacy – another aspect of patios at Bishopbriggs properties is the privacy that is afforded when it is situated in some areas of the garden. If you do not want to be overlooked then you will need to locate this site within your garden.
  • Attached or detached – some people like the idea of the patio being attached to the property, allowing for a continuation of inside living with the outdoors. Perfect is the access from the house onto the patio is right. Other customers like the idea of siting the patio away from the main property, creating a pathway that leads to a hidden place.


  1. ii.           Accessorise

But, what does happen all too frequently with many patios at Bishopbriggs gardens and beyond is that the patio is built to perfection and then… nothing. Just left to sit, forlorn and slightly bare. In order for a patio to be functional, you need to be able to access it and it needs to be welcoming… and what better way of creating a welcoming ‘look’ and style than to accessorise the space.

From suitable outdoor furniture, to cushions and outdoor rugs there are many, many accessories and additions that can be made to make the space simply elegant. There are big additions too – a fire pit is a great way of adding interest, as well as much need warmth for those clear, but cooler evenings. Why take the party inside when you can be warmed and mesmerised by a fire outside?

Patios are meant to be used; they are a brilliant addition to any garden – where will you place yours? How will you dress you patio?


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