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Patios Blantyre

S&D provide a full patio supply and installation service to customers in Blantyre.

Creating perfect patios for Blantyre customers – what to include

Perfection is a difficult state to reach. But, it is a possibility especially when it comes to creating perfect patios for Blantyre customers.

And here, we show you how…

What does ‘patio perfection’ mean to you?

Many of us enjoy our gardens. It is the type of space that does not depend on size or magnitude; a well-planted and designed small garden can have more of an impact than acres and acres of garden that is staid and boring.

Adding a patio is a way of adding a portion of space that is useable and perfect for the people, family, friends and pets that will use it.

In terms of patios for Blantyre customers, this is where the pinnacle of perfect lay – your patio needs to be designed for you, for what you intend using it for and for the outdoor space within which it will sit.

Privacy – a key ingredient for many a patio?

Many Blantyre customers want patios that offer them privacy, as well as a space to entertain or the children to play and so on. There are many ways of creating a sense of privacy of which we give you 3 helpful tips here:

  • Pathways – rather than having an open, straight pathway, curved pathways that seemingly, at first, lead away from the area and then curve round toward the patio is a way of not only increasing privacy, but also increasing a sense of mystery and delay. The great thing about curved pathways is that you do not need a huge space within which this can be achieved; it works just as well in a smaller garden as it does in a larger one.
  • Trellising – you may think a trellis fence to be old fashioned but, with a splash of paint and used well within a designed space, a trellis can offer privacy without forming a complete wall. Perfect for all kinds of patios, but many Blantyre customers prefer this arrangement when children are in the family; this trellising feature allows parents and supervising grownups to keep an eye on children playing, without being too obvious.
  • Planting – the power of planting around patios is not something Blantyre customers should underestimate. From climbing and trailing plants, to small trees and shrubs, there is a whole range of different plants that can be used to screen an area, creating delightful nooks and crannies. Don’t forget that scented plants can add a huge amount ambience, as well as aroma, to a patio space.

Patios are perfect places to relax, from the early morning to late night. What would make your patio perfect?


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