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Patios Coatbridge

S&D provide a full patio supply and installation service to customers in Coatbridge.

What are the latest trends for patios in Coatbridge?

The garden at your property should be treated as an extension of the indoor living space at your home. But, all too often with a summer down pour, this outdoor space can become a soggy, muddy patch.

There is a solution – in fact, there are many solutions – that will revolutionise how you use your outdoor space.

Patios at Coatbridge properties are popular simply because they offer amazing versatility but, if you are concerned you will end up with a boring rectangle of concrete or patio paving stones, take a look at some of the latest trends for patios in Coatbridge and beyond…

The must-have hot tub

There is an accessory that is gaining pace across the country and that it the luxurious hot tub. Once the domain of hotel spas and those with oodles of spare cash, the hot tub has become more affordable in recent years.

Opt for a permanent one or keep it to the colder winter months with the robust, inflatable versions that many people are now investing in. Or, if you are unsure whether your will use it to its full potential, why not hire one for the weekend?

The fabulous fire-pit

A key aspect pf patios at Coatbridge is being able to use them in all weathers and throughout the year. No longer is the patio just a place to dry the washing but it is a place to socialise, entertain and play.

Gas patio heaters are not deemed to be environmentally friendly, and generally a waste of money with all that lovely heat disappearing into the sky above your heads. Fire pits on the other hand, offer a delicious golden glow as well as an intense heat at its source. Perfect for sharing the patio on a cold winter’s day or night.

The softly glowing lights

Clearly, enjoying the garden and patios of Coatbridge homes is much easier when people are not sat in the dark. That said, no one wants to sit under the glare of a security light therefore, soft glowing lighting is the perfect solution.

If you do not fancy plugging in to the mains, take a look at some of the brilliant solar powered outdoor lighting kits that make being outside when daylight is fading an absolute treat.

These are just three of the latest and most popular trends for accessorising patios at Coatbridge homes. How will yours look?

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