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Patios Glasgow

S&D provide a full patio supply and installation service to customers in Croftfoot.

Your patio – give it some TLC!

The patio is a welcome summer platform – with many homes across Scotland and the rest of the UK soaking up the brilliant summer sun of 2013 – but it does need some tender loving care every now and then.

We design and install patios across Scotland but we are also asked at times about how to look after the newly installed patio too and so here is our quick guide to getting the best out of your Glasgow property patio...

Moss, lichen and algae all take hold over the winter and spring time and can make the patio flags slippery and unsafe. Depending on your view of ecological matters, a strong, branded weed killer is a start or you can hand pick the weeds. Some people use a power washer or similar type thing to remove all the moss etc. from the patio surface.

Patios flags and other materials such as concrete can also stain; the best method of dealing with this is to identify what is causing the staining in the first place and then remove it. Some people find that furniture left out over the winter months can cause stains; it is best to clear away patio furniture rather than leave it to the mercy of the elements.

Most stain can be safely removed with power washer or hot water, a stiff bristled brush and some detergent. There are other cleaning chemicals on the market that can remove deeper seated stains but as with all treatments, it is best to treat a small, hidden area first to check for any adverse reactions with your patio surface. Clearly, it also goes without saying, to read all instructions before you use any strong chemicals and keep pets as well as children away from treated areas.

Falling and autumn leaves sitting on your patio, turning mouldy with rain and sun can also cause unsightly staining on your patio. Rather than let them accumulate you will need to brush up leaves and other debris on a regular basis – follow the old adage that prevention is better than cure!

Wooden patios or decking can also suffer from moss, algae etc making it lethal under foot for those unaware of its slippery surface. Wood requires a little more care and treatment but all patios, no matter from what material they are constructed from will need some basic maintenance from time to time.

Patios at any Glasgow property provide a brilliant outside area on which to entertain, as well as for children to play. They will be stained from time to time but with cleaning and minimal all-year care, your patio will give you enjoyment for many years to come.

Looking to create a patio at your Glasgow home...?

Contact S & D Projects today for ideas on design as well as patio materials. No longer are patios dull, concrete squares that act as base for the bin and recycling boxes! They can be designed and built from a wide variety of materials, as well as in a variety of shapes and sizes. Needing minimal maintenance, patios are an added bonus for any Glasgow homeowner looking to make the best of the garden.

Correct installation is key in your patio last for years to come, so why not contact S & D Projects today about creating a brilliant patio, just for you?

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