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Patios Hamilton

S&D provide a full patio supply and installation service to customers in Hamilton.

On-trend accessories for patios at Hamilton properties

Building is a patio is the first step in the beautification of your garden, and what a brilliant step it is! Once you start the design process you will realise just how much you can do with patios at Hamilton properties – yours included…

Lights, camera, action!

With so many of us living and sharing our lives through social media, any gathering or party you have on your patio can find itself being posted online. However, it is no fun if it is in the dark and so investing in lighting for the patio is a great step.

This does not mean hooking up to the mains – although this is a possibility but always be safe and secure the services of a qualified electrician – but you can also add lighting to patios at Hamilton properties with the aid of solar powered kits.

Rub-a-dub-dub, how many in a tub?

Hot tubs have long been popular but not everyone has been keen on securing a hot tub as a permanent fixture on the back lawn. Inflatable hit tubs are becoming increasingly popular, as is hiring one for the weekend or a special occasion.

Of course, for an inflatable hot tub or even a swimming pool to be really safe and secure, and free from anything that could possibly puncture it, it needs to be on a flat, secure surface – exactly what patios at Hamilton properties are built for!

Warm your toes in front of the fire

Sometimes, you don’t always want to take the party inside but the night air can sometimes have a little too much of a chill. Sitting around flickering flames is a mesmerising and relaxing experience and thus, fire pits have been making their presence felt in gardens all across the country.

Make it a permanent fixture with your patio designed around it, or use one of the fire pits bases that can be bought to add warmth and light to your space.

Smother it in colour

Patios at Hamilton properties also look stunning when the edges are softened with delightful plants. Not only can you create a riot of colour around the patio, but you can create a space full of delightful aromas.

Plant lavenders on the path to the patio and enjoy the sweet smell as your brush against them

How will you design your patio? Will it be a riot of colour and sweet smelling plants?

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