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Patios Kilmarnock

S&D provide a full patio supply and installation service to customers in Kilmarnock.

Styled patios for Kilmarnock home – how it is easy to stamp your mark on your space!

The garden is a great space at any Kilmarnock home… some need a little bit of adjustment, some may need more plants but, the point is, regardless of what can and cannot be achieved due to budget and space constraints, you can still be left with a great outdoor space.

However, many Kilmarnock customers when looking to create patios assume that these constraints – money and space – will constrict what they can and cannot do when it comes to building this platform in their garden. They assume that patios are the concrete or paved bases that stand the test of time, as well as the weather.

Patios have changed; they have come of age and are now the key element of style in many a garden. But, do you know what you style is? Do you know what will suit your garden, as well as offering you the space you need?

Below, we offer a variety of hints and tips of styles that are currently popular BUT there is something important you need to bear in mind – the key feature of patios at Kilmarnock homes, regardless of their style, is usability.

The addition of a patio at any property is about creating a platform that functional for the people who live and play there. If it is not big enough, too cluttered etc. it throws off the whole balance of the garden – as well as being relatively useless.

And thus, consider these styles – are the key ingredients functional for you?

  • Architectural – patios that are constructed in this style are literally that: an artistic construction with as many twists and turns that you want to incorporate. The 2015 on-trend style in relation to an architectural style is to introduce steps or construction layers to patios; instead of one level, regular shapes space, think about creating stepped areas. You can incorporate planting in these features too to soften any edges.
  • Calming – many patios that are on-trend use water in the design and style of patio. From creating a central point to simply having the water running through the design, water has a sound that instantly soothes. If, like other Kilmarnock customers, you intend on using your patio for rest and relaxation, consider adding water.
  • Eclectic materials – over the years, designs have traditionally used some materials in partnership with others but, to a certain extent, it seems that some of these traditions have been left behind. Consider using and mixing materials, and don’t assume that you can only use one or two together. And don’t forget the drawer of eco-friendly or recycling materials too as these create Kilmarnock patios with a style that is truly unique.

Patios need not be boring; they are not platforms that just perform as a stable base for the washing or the BBQ. They are stylish place to relax, socialise and enjoy the garden; which style will you choose?


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