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Patios Kirkintilloch

S&D provide a full patio supply and installation service to customers in Kirkintilloch.

The 5 crucial elements of patios at Kirkintilloch properties

There are many considerations when it comes to planning and designing the perfect patio space; size, shape and use are just three but there are other, important elements that must not be forgotten. Here, we give you the 5 crucial elements that make for perfect patios at Kirkintilloch properties…

  1. 1.   A view

Create not just the patio, but the view from the patio. If you will be facing the shed, that’s fine but give the shed a makeover; garden furniture stain or paint works just as well on a shed. Plant around it or, as some Kirkintilloch customers have done, they have invested in a sculpture.

  1. 2.   Design the garden

The whole garden is ripe for beatifying. The patio is the one addition that can kick-start a chain reaction for the whole garden to become an area of outstanding beauty. If the patio has swallowed the majority of your budget, don’t worry for creating a garden is a marathon not a sprint. Invest in ever-green shrubs and trees, filling in gaps with plants, pots and gravel as and when the weather, seasons and budget allow.

  1. 3.   Water

Water is calming, soothing and heaps of fun. From the more gregarious of water fountains to the most delightful of serene running water features, the addition of water in any garden is beneficial. Ponds are a great way of attracting wildlife into a space, with fish creating the perfect watery haven for all kinds of insects and bugs. Patios in Kirkintilloch gardens can border these ponds, creating a unique and delightful place to unwind after a busy day…

  1. 4.   Planting

We have already touched on planting but, this such an important element that is deserves a double mention! In this case, however, we are referring to planting that fits with your style; not everyone has a garish, blousy garden, with big flowers, big colours and big scents. Some people want the understated waft of lavender or the sweet smelling clematis. Choose your planting theme and stick with it.

  1. 5.   Trees

Often forgotten are trees. Many Kirkintilloch who invest in patios assume that trees will make their garden dry and parched, with the root system stretching under their patio – or, even worse, under their property – bringing with it list of structural issues as long as your arm. Slow-growing trees are fabulous; they cast shade, they can be lit up or they can be home, if you are lucky enough, to delightful birds and their chicks.

Patios are perfect in so many ways, for so many Kirkintilloch gardens. Enticing and elegant, what is there not to love about patios?


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