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Patios Motherwell

S&D provide a full patio supply and installation service to customers in Motherwell.

What are patios at Motherwell properties used for?

Your garden is an extension of the living space you have within your property and is therefore, important. But, do you often look at this space and wonder how it can be changed to not only be a more pleasant space, but a space that can be used more.

Patios at Motherwell properties provide an answer to both these dilemmas; they look the part and are also a welcome addition for the versatility that they offer.

But what can you use a patio for? In essence, there are three broad categories of use (and no, drying the washing is NOT one of them!)

Socialising and entertaining

On a pleasant summer afternoon, what is a nicer way to spend time than to entertain and socialise with family and friends? With the BBQ during the afternoon, the fire pit can be lit as the sun drops below the horizon and you can carry on laughing, talking and generally having a good time.

Patios at Motherwell properties are the perfect platform for this and, better still, they can be accessorised in all kinds of different ways to be a brilliant spot in the garden during the day and night.


Wouldn’t it be great to have somewhere for the kids to play safely too? After those short summer rain showers we can sometimes get, the patio can provide a platform that dries much quicker than soggy grass.


There is nothing better than spending an hour or two relaxing in the garden, reading a book or just enjoying the warmth, listening to the breeze rustling the plants around you.

But again, having a spot in the garden where you can do this is not always easy, especially if the lawn in uneven and so on. The patios really can be the platform on which you can enjoy the outdoor space in safety and peace.

Don’t forget you can accessorise your patio as much or as little as you want, so if you feel you need shade, why not add a pergola and some delightful climbing plants?

All three!

Patios at Motherwell properties are versatile, so flexible in fact that they can provide all three of the above at various times of the night and day.

Simply clear away the kid’s toys to have a great space for the BBQ you’ve been promising family and friends. When you get a chance, why not spend some hours relaxing on a sun lounger reading the latest best-selling novel? How will your patio look?

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