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Patios Paisley

S&D provide a full patio supply and installation service to customers in Paisley.

Patio Installer Paisley

If you are looking for a patio in the Paisley area S&D can help. We have many years experience supplying and installing quality patios.

Thinking of a patio for your Paisley Home?

Check out these ideas...

With so many ideas for designs when it comes to patios, it can be difficult to know where to start and what is essential. Here we have put together a quick guide to the various ideas that we have come across when it comes to designing the perfect patio for you, your property and your family.

Don’t forget, your patio is an outside space that means you enjoy your garden and the sunshine - no more sitting on a rickety deckchair surrounded by rubble and broken plant pots – transform your garden for less than you think:

Add water

Gently flowing water adds calm and tranquillity to your patio, as well as to your garden as a whole. Great for people who want a feature to their patio but not always a welcome addition is children will be left unsupervised in the area.

Work with the features you have

All too often, we are asked to Paisley homes to help with the design process. If you have a stunning feature, why not incorporate it into your patio? Trees don’t always need to be felled; they offer great shade, making it more comfortable to sit and relax.

Fragrant paths

Some Paisley patios are connected to the house by a beautifully laid path, and adding fragrant flowers and shrubs around the edging means that when they are brushed against, they will release their beautiful aroma, adding to the sense of outdoor luxury.

Add a cover

Adding a cover over your patio will increase its usability – some Paisley customers have added a pergola roof that offer shade, whilst others have opted for a full, enclosed roof meaning that even the most inclement of weathers won’t dampen the spirits.

Throw down a rug

There are more and more high quality rugs coming on to the market, suitable for outdoor use (in dry weather rather than rain!). They will give your seating area on your patio a warmer, luxurious feel.

Use lights

Why just use your patio during daylight hours? Adding lights – both mains and solar powered – will mean as the sun goes down, you do not have to retreat indoors. You can still enjoy partying, socialising or just relaxing surrounded by gentle lighting.

Add personal touches

As the children grow, don’t leave their old toys in the garage or shed; reuse them as key, focal points on your patio. Decorate tricycles with pot plants and give them a new lease of life! They’ll make a great talking point too.

Need privacy?

Not a problem. Many Paisley customers, before they see our range of patio designs think that they are square areas of concrete or patio flags but patios have changed. Privacy can easily be added with various structures that climbing plants will soon wend their way up. Before you know it, you’ll have a fragrant hide-away in your garden.

Add decadence

Ever thought of adding a fire pit? A great way to have a small fire and teach your children how to toast marshmallows or just sit around it, relax and chat.

Curve the edges

Patios do not have to be square or symmetrical; they can take any shape you want and can be made from a wide variety of materials.

Thinking of a patio for your Paisley property? 

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