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Patios Wishaw

S&D provide a full patio supply and installation service to customers in Wishaw.

Patios at Wishaw gardens – what do you look at?

This may seem an odd question. For some it may be a delicate on but, in all honesty, when you sit on your patio, what do you look at? What is the vista?

For some, it may be looking back at their property; for others it may point in the direction of the furthest corner; others may have not taken much notice of the view for the guiding principle of where they located the patio was where it would be in the sun for the majority of the time.

There is no right and wrong

When it comes to the view from your patio, there is no right and wrong. In most cases, customers of patios recently added to their Wishaw properties, worked with what they had.

But, patios can be so much more….

Undeniably functional; this is the essence of all patios across Wishaw. They are functional platforms on which children can play, pets can sleep, and people can socialise. It is the stable base on which you can relax, enjoying the summer sun or the crisp cold of a winter’s day. You can read the latest blockbuster whilst sipping on your favourite, chilled wine or you can simply enjoy a few minutes of rest and relaxation, a hiatus in your busy, daily schedule.

The patio view…

And, as you sit there, enjoying the peace and quiet you could be enjoying the view… but what view In other words, you need to take another step in the creation of patios that are perfection for Wishaw gardens and customers.

How do you do this?

It doesn’t cost oodles of cash and neither will it means hours and hours or gardening, but take a moment to consider these tips on creating a patio view;

  • Artistry – there is nothing quite like a delightful sculpture to add a delightful focus to a vista. Or maybe dressing a low wall in mosaic tiles or investing in something as delightful as wrought iron gate, decorative and delightful.
  • Planting – the plants around the patio are one consideration but the additional part of the equation is planting or landscaping the remainder of the space. Planting a slow growing tree a few feet away from the patio, decorating it will solar lights or hanging ornamentation is a delightful way of adding interest to planting and the like.
  • Colour – colour is fabulous; it can calm or it can excite. But, when it comes to creating a view, many patios in Wishaw gardens benefit from using similar colours together. You can, of course, opt for a complete clash of colours or, for harmony and on-trend style you can group colours together. How about the golden hues of orange and yellow, with splashed of red to excite the eye?

There are many ways that patios at Wishaw gardens can become even more beautiful and creating a few is one way of adding interest and colour; what view will your enjoy from your patio?


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