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Roofing East Kilbride

S&D provide a full roofing service throughout East Kilbride.

Roofing at your East Kilbride home - How important is your roof?

You do not need be a roofing expert or builder to know the answer to this question. Your roof is one of these most important aspects of your home; not only does it keep you warm and dry, but it also offers strength to your structure.

And yet, despite this, it is one of the most neglected aspects of our home and hence taking care of your roof is essential; this way roofing problems at your East Kilbride home can be spotted early – and rectified earlier too!

The elements

Every day and every night, your roof faces a tirade of elements from bright sunshine, to wind, weather, extreme cold as well as detritus carried in the wind and the problems that birds and squirrels can bring too. Effectively, all these elements clubbed together do one thing – they age your roof and, as it ages, it can become weaker in places, becoming more vulnerable to the erosive nature of weather and climate.

The statistics

Research suggests that 86% of homeowners fail to regularly inspect their roof. Roofing issues at your East Kilbride home can be successfully spotted simply by looking up at it every now and then; experts suggest at least a monthly visual inspection from the ground. However, with only 3% of homeowners doing so, it is no wonder roofing maintenance is a neglected area. In fact, 40% of people questioned admitted to never checking their roof, inside or out!

Keeping an eye on the value of your property

What many do not realise is that roofing issues at your East Kilbride property could be having an adverse impact on the value of your property. The roof is one of the most expensive structures on a property to repair and so, if you are thinking of selling in the near future, it is even more essential to keep a regular eye on your roof. If prospective buyers think that they will need to replace it in the near future, they will be reluctant to pay your asking price.

Prevention is better than cure

And so, a monthly glance at the front and back of your roof, along with the guttering etc., is a good place to start so that any potential roofing issues at your East Kilbride property can be spotted sooner, rather than later. Like all major works on a property, the sooner they are dealt with the less likely they are to be expensive repairs or, even worse, the need for a whole new roof.

Not sure what you are looking for?

Many people are unsure what roofing issues at their East Kilbride property they are looking for – and whether something is a problem or not. Don’t let it become an issue! Call in the experts!

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