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Roofing Paisley

S&D provide a full roofing service throughout Paisley.

6 Top Roofing Tips for Paisley customers… and beyond!

There is no doubt that your home is your biggest investment. It is important to look after it so that it functions well, providing you with the safe, warm shelter that you want and need it to be; the fact is, if your roof is not in top condition, then your home is in danger! Read on how to keep your roof in the best possible shape…

1. Excess water

The roofing structure on any property, regardless of shape and size, does many things. One is keeping water out of the interior of the property, hence excess water needs to run off as quickly as possible. Keeping your gutters, downspouts, trees trimmed back from the property etc. are all important for preventing roofing problems at your Paisley property.

2. Moss!

Some people will tell you, moss on roofing components at your Paisley property will not cause too much of a problem but what you do need to consider is that moss acts like a sponge, it holds moisture right at the spot where you do NOT want it to be. Removing this moss is important but do not compromise your own safety by climbing on the roof; get the professionals in!

3. Insulation

The insulation within the roofing structure on your Paisley property is important too. Heat, as we know, rises. In an effort to keep as much of this heat as possible, we need to insulate our lofts. Over the years, the amount of insulation we are told to use has changed, meaning some homes will not have the current standard of loft insulation. Why not get yours checked?

4. Annual inspection

It seems odd that for the roofing structure on so many Paisley properties, despite their huge importance, their ‘health’ is left to chance. This is why we suggest – as a minimum – that you visually inspect your roof every year. This way, if you notice anything you think needs attention, you can call us to take a look.

*Or, why not ask us to come and give your roof a professional inspection. We can identify and repair all roofing issues at your Paisley property, competitively priced too!*

5. Ventilation

On one hand, we talk about insulating our homes but on the other, our home needs to breathe too. Not allowing the property to breathe, will lead to condensation on the underside of the roof (in the loft) which can cause damage and problems, over time.

6. Repairs

We all know that roofing contractors in the past, have not always enjoyed a good reputation. Shoddy repairs and ill-used materials have led to many roofing issues being made worse which is why, getting a reputable local to Paisley roofing company to assess and complete repairs is essential.

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