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Roofing Rutherglen

S&D provide a full roofing service throughout Rutherglen.

Roofing at your Rutherglen property – how often do you look at your roof?

Before you skip the page and look for something far more exciting, it is really important you read this article, especially if you own or rent properties: your roof is in need of some serious TLC!

And this new improved relationship with your roof starts with simply looking at it, and then taking closer notice of all aspects of the roofline, both internally and externally, on your Rutherglen property…

On the inside

The exterior components of the roofline of your Rutherglen home protect the interior of your home from the elements and checking that the wind has dislodged any of these components, allowing rainwater etc. to seep in is essential.

Now is the time to safely access the loft and check:

  • There is no sagging of the wooden trusses
  • There are no signs of rainwater leaking in or damp patches around the chimney breast
  • No dark spots of trails
  • And that there is NO daylight obvious at any point in the roof

If these 4 are all correct within the roof space, now is the time to take a walk outside and look up at the roofline of your Rutherglen property.

Safety first!

Do not attempt to climb on your roof for a closer inspection at any point, even in fine, dry weather. If you spot what could be a potential problem, call the experts who have all the training and skills to work at heights.

Choose a dry day to stand and check the exterior appearance of your roof but what is it you are looking for? We have the answers below…

  • Just like the interior roof space, you are looking for any aspects of the roof that looks worn or damaged. Some people only see this once the weather has been bad, with damaging gusts of wind but the roof withstands so much more. The sun, for example, with its heat can cause problems too
  • Likewise, check for items on the roof that should not be there or are loose; if the roofline of your Rutherglen property is close to trees, you may find branches and collections of leaves etc., all of which, over time, can damage your roofline
  • The guttering system is part of the roofline on your Rutherglen property too, so take a moment to check the state of this too. Anything part that is missing or cracked needs to be replaced sooner rather than later, as the gutters are the channels that allow rainwater to run freely and quickly away from your property. They can carry the weight of several gallons of rainwater gushing away from your property every minute and so every now and then, they need some TLC too!

How often should you check your roofline?

Start now, before you have no choice and get the small, inexpensive repairs done before they become large very expensive issues!

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