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Roofline Airdrie

S&D provide a full roofline supply and installation service to customers in Airdrie.

How to look and spot issues with the roofline on your Airdrie property

The roofline is the unsung hero of many a building. The guttering, the bargeboard, the fascia boards and so on, all provide an important seal against the weather, ensuring that the inside of the property is water tight.

Not taking care of the roofline on your Airdrie home is on a par with leaving your front door open when it is howling a gale and lashing down with rain.

The good news is that the roofline system is relatively simple and inexpensive to repair, maintain and update. Here’s how to look after the roofline of your Airdrie home:

  • Listen for leaks – when it rains, you should only be able to hear the sound of the rain and not the loud dripping sound of rainwater leaking from gutters. If course, the guttering can extend around the property and although you may not hear all leaks, you may be able to spot water marks or splashes of mud etc. on an exterior wall.
  • Pests in theattic – bargeboards and so on are responsible for keeping the loft space weather tight but, if a board is rotting or has fallen off, not only will the weather find a way in to your home but pests can too. The squirrel will be on the lookout for somewhere safe to make their nest in spring and can squeeze through the smallest of spaces. They will like you warm, safe and cosy attic… if they can gain access.
  • Damp in the home – many people when they see damp patches forming instantly assume that there is an issue with the damp course and go on to spend a large amount of money of having this damping proofing course improved. Most builders will tell you that on discovering a damp issue in the home to look up at the roof and the roofline of your Airdrie home.
  • Damp patches on upper floor ceilings – when the weather, such as rain, is able to access the inside of the loft space, over time, damp patches can form on the plaster of the ceilings in the rooms directly underneath. This could mean either a hole in the roof, or a missing bargeboard. Don’t forget, rain will soak in through the smallest of holes.
  • Obvious missing or broken sections – from gutters to down pipes, barge boards to fascia boards, if you notice anything obvious that is missing or broken, you do need to get it fixed.

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