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Roofline Bearsden

S&D provide a full roofline supply and installation service to customers in Bearsden.

The problems with the roofline at your Bearsden home

In the main, the roofline at your Bearsden home will no doubt function with no real issues or concerns. Unfortunately, when it is in need of repair and maintenance we can often leave it until becomes more serious that a leaky gutter.

There are only a handful of issues that could cause a problem with the roofline at your Bearsden home but, it is important that they are dealt with…

Old, wooden components

Fascia boards, cladding and soffit were originally made from wood on many older properties. This was all well and good providing that they were well-maintained, painted or varnished etc. However, some of these boards, such as bargeboards, can be too high to reach from an ordinary ladder and thus, they are left exposed to elements for many years, if not decades.

Eventually, wood will begin to rot and this can cause a few issues, including looking unsightly.

Leaking gutters and down pipes

We have all heard the annoying noise of dripping gutters and drainpipes! But, apart from making a mad dash to the car from the front door and being soaked, there are other issues that this can cause.

As well as being inconvenient, leaking gutters and downpipes can lead to unsightly stains on exterior walls and so on, ruining the rather pleasing look of your property.

Long term

However, in the longer term, the failure of component parts on the roofline of your Bearsden property can lead to interior issues too.

Damp can form on the inside walls where the guttering is leaking and this is not only unpleasant, but starting to creep into the realms of more expensive issues to repair. As well as replacing guttering and so on, on the exterior of your property you will also need to ensure the interior wall is dealt with too.

Foundation heave

This is not something that commonly affects buildings that are lived in. This is because most homeowners will have dealt with any issues prior to it becoming this serious.

When the gutters and down pipes etc. of the roofline in a Bearsden property fails completely, and rainwater cascades down, it saturates the earth immediately around the property. If this is allowed to continue unabated over a long period of time, the foundations of a property will become saturated. When this happens, it will heave upwards and the property will start to move, list and subside.

The good news…

… the roofline of your Bearsden property is simple and easy to maintain – even simpler if you call us to do the work for you!

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