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Roofline Cambuslang

S&D provide a full roofline supply and installation service to customers in Cambuslang.

Is the roofline of your Cambuslang home in working order?

Think about it – when was the last time you examined the exterior of your property? We don’t mean making a cursory glance towards it as you stride from car to front door, or vice versa. We are talking about really taking the time to scrutinise the exterior roofline components of your Bearsden home.

The answer is – you probably haven’t done so in a while, if ever. The gutters, the downpipes, the soffits, bargeboards and cladding all seem to be holding up well to the weather and thus, because the roofline of your Cambuslang home is not causing you any issues, then it must be all ok… or is it?

The beauty of plastic rooflines

Plastic is a lightweight, yet robust material that can stand all kinds of weather. From the downpours we experience in this country, to the heat of summer, plastic expands and contracts in minimal proportions. It rarely fails.

It also looks neat and with more colours available, it can also be made to look like ‘older style’ materials. Modern homes tend to have plastic roofline components fitted, unless the homeowner specifies otherwise.

Those living in older properties may still be living with the original roofline components, made from wood and metal. Again, these are two excellent materials that have a low failure rate, decreased even further in some cases, by being well maintained over the years…

  • Wooden boards

Cladding, bargeboards, soffits and fascia boards can all be made from wood. Over time, wood will rot, even though in many cases they have been well-maintained and painted. It only takes a smaller chink in the paint work or varnish, and water will seep in, slowly rotting it.

  • Metal gutters and downpipes

Metal is incredibly strong and robust. Like wood, it will function for decades with only the odd coat of paint every now and then needed to maintain it. Not only will it function without any problems, but newly painted metal downpipes and guttering will also look wonderful.

However, age will get to it and it may start to rust. In some cases, it is not the actual guttering or down pipe that rusts, but the clamps and screws that attach them to the walls.

It can be repaired and replaced fairly easily

The good news is that the roofline on any Cambuslang is not a complex system to repair nor replace. Neither is it expensive.

It does take some skill, as well as the ability to work safely and comfortably at heights – so why not call us today?

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