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Roofline Cathcart

S&D provide a full roofline supply and installation service to customers in Cathcart.

Is the roofline of your Cathcart home in need of repair?

Do it now!

The roofline is an often overlooked component of an exterior of a property. Until, that is, it fails to do what it should do.

Rotting wooden fascia boards mean that guttering become loose or breaks away entirely. The down pipes or guttering may stop funnelling rainwater off the property, causing it drip or cascade down the outer walls.

If cladding or soffits are broken, they may not only be allowing the weather into the roof space, pests might also be making their way in to your property too. And so, making sure that the roofline of your Cathcart property is always in a good state of repair is essential. And here’s what to look for:

  • Drip and leaks in the gutters – the guttering is an important component of a roofline system. They funnel the rainwater away from the exterior of the property, and should do so in an unhindered and efficient way.

Leaks and drips are easily detected – dripping water is noisy – and can also leave watermarks on the exterior of the property. The good news is that the whole system will not need replacing; in most cases, a section or junction on guttering can be replaced.

  • Missing or inefficient roofline protection – the roofline are all the components that give a neat edge to the roof of your property. It also includes such things as the fascia boards that have the gutters fixed to them, along with soffits and so on.

They should provide a seal to your property, specifically to the roofline of your home. In other words, if you can ‘see’ any part of the interior of the roof space, something is wrong. It pays to check that outside of your property from time to time. Many people look at their roof, but are all the other parts in place too?

  • Rotting components – on most older properties, the various components, such as cladding or fascia boards are made from wood. Even with regular painting, wood will rot. Some gutters are still the old style metal ones and these can rust over time.

When this happens, they too can stop working efficiently or they can cause the exterior of your home to look tired and in need of updating.

Inexpensive for the work that it does!

Not many people realise that in spite of the important work the roofline does, it is a relatively inexpensive system to repair, update and maintain.

Does the roofline on your Cathcart home need some attention?

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