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Roofline Clarkston

S&D provide a full roofline supply and installation service to customers in Clarkston.

The roofline on your Clarkston property – look UP!

Virtually every property has a roofline, or certain components of it. They may be barely noticeable when everything works correctly but when it ‘goes wrong’, everyone seems to notice.

But what is your roofline and what issues are you looking for?

The roofline is composed of important parts such as guttering, fascia boards, soffits and so on. It is all the parts that form the outline of the roof, protecting the interior of the home or building from the outside elements.

The guttering for example, collects the rainwater as it cascades off the roof and channels it away down a series of gutters and down pipes. This protects the earth around the building from excessive water, which can lead to the ground being water-logged. When this happens, it can lead to problems with the foundations.

The roofline of your Clarkston home also helps it to be a more comfortable place to live in. Keep rainwater and other weather out is important but also allowing moist air out is essential too.

In our drive to make our homes more energy efficient, we can sometimes cut off the ventilation within the home. As we breathe, live and use our home, we generate moisture. This needs to escape from the home.

When you cook, for example, you may open a window and this help but, there are times when your home needs to be ventilated in other ways. Warm air rises through the house, and when it hits the colder air in the roof space, it turns back to water. This moisture will often then escape through the soffit. This is the board that is ventilated that sits on the underside of any overhanging roof.

Sometimes, when the soffit has been replaced in the past, it is not re-fitted with a ventilated board. This may be the reason why you struggle with condensation on some of your rooms.

Simple to diagnose, simple to repair

You will soon be able to tell if you have an issue with the roofline on your Clarkston home. The guttering may drip, a down pipe may have worked loose or it may be that the fascia boards and so on are made from wood – and even with regular maintenance and painting, wood eventually rots.

The good news is that the component parts of the roofline of your Clarkston home are relatively inexpensive to fix. Why not call us to find out more?

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