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Roofline Coatbridge

S&D provide a full roofline supply and installation service to customers in Coatbridge.

Have you ever wondered what the roofline of your Coatbridge property actually does?

The roofline of your Coatbridge property is important. Without the various components, living in your property would not be a comfortable experience.

The roofline components need to form a tight seal so that the interior roof space of a property is not compromised by the elements. In other words, wind, rain, snow and so on which could cause damage to the interior of the building are kept at bay.

The timbers inside of the roof space are an integral part of a building, providing the outer walls with strength as well as being the framework that keeps the roof steady and stable. When water, condensation, ice and so on is allowed to form in the roof space, it can lead to either wet or dry rot. Both can be expensive to fix.

If the floor of the roof space becomes damp, this can lead to damp problems with the plaster of ceilings in the rooms beneath. Not many people realise until there is an issue with their roofline that this can affect the interior or their property in such a way.

Allowing rainwater to run down exterior walls can also lead to issues with damp and so on. It can also be unsightly, damaging the exterior visual appeal of your home.

Perhaps the biggest lesson of not responding to issue with the roofline of a Coatbridge property is that some of these problems could have been avoided if repairs had occurred quickly. Also, the longer these issues are allowed to go on, the more expensive they are to repair.

Look for problems – and deal with them!

The roofline components, such as the guttering down pipes, fascia boards and so on – will give many years of service with no issues at all. And then, or so it seems, every component starts to fail at once.

Many of the boards such as the bargeboards are, on older properties, made from wood. Unless these are regularly painted, the wood will start to rot. In fact, even with painting wooden boards will rot over time.

If you notice parts are missing, or certain components are rotting, maybe you have noticed a dripping noise when it rains, it can all mean that certain parts of the roofline of your Coatbridge home are in need of repair or replacing.

To find out more about updating or repairing the roofline of your Coatbridge home,  contact S&D today.

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