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Roofline Croftfoot

S&D provide a full roofline supply and installation service to customers in Croftfoot.

Weatherproof your home – maintain and update the roofline on your Croftfoot home

From adding an extension to converting the oft, to replacing the kitchen and updating the bathroom, there are literally hundreds of things you can do to transform your home from ordinary to extra ordinary.

People assume, however, that providing their roof is sound and insulated, and double glazing added to their home, that they have do everything they possibly can to make their home as weather tight as possible.

But, have your check the roofline of your Croftfoot home?

The roofline – what is it?

Essentially, the roofline system is all the components, some noticeable and obvious, others less so, that neaten the edges of your home.

The bargeboards that form the apex of some properties are there to make it look neat and pleasant on the eye but, these boards also stop the rain from driving into the roof space. It stops the wind from driving in to lift the roof and so on.

Soffits are the boards that run horizontal under eaves on most homes; these are in some, but not all cases, ventilated so that the interior roof space can ‘breathe’, without letting pests and weather in.

Drain pipes, guttering and fascia boards are the important components that collect rainwater, and funnel it away as quickly as possible from the roof and wall of your property. When this does not happen, it can lead to rain water pooling in gutters or on the roof and we all know the problems that this can cause.

Does it need looking after? Yes!

Although there is rarely any need to spend hours maintain the roofline, it is worth spending some time making sure the components are fit for purpose:

If any part of the roofline on your Croftfoot is made from wood – fascia boards, barge boards, cladding and so on – you need to check that they are not rotting. Rotting boards will be losing their strength and integrity, creating problems with leaking gutters and so on. They can also be unsightly.

Check that the gutters and downpipes are functioning correctly too. Something as simple as a blocked gutter can be down to a collection of leaves and so on; once removed the gutters run freely again. Plastic gutters can crack too, and metal guttering can also erode.

Can you maintain the roofline yourself?

With the right skillset, a willing helper and a head for heights, it may be possible. But why risk it? Most roofline components on your Croftfoot will be at height. Working many feet off the ground can be dangerous.

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