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Roofline Cumbernauld

S&D provide a full roofline supply and installation service to customers in Cumbernauld.

Your questions on the roofline of your Cumbernauld property answered!

There are all kinds of components that contribute to making your home safe, warm and weather tight. Some are well-known and obvious, like your roof but some are lesser known, such as the various components of the roofline.

What is all the fuss about the roofline?

The roofline of any property is important. These are the boards, the guttering, the down pipes and any cladding can be fixed to the exterior of your property that protect it from the weather. More accurately, it seals the inside of the roof space against the weather.

Is it important?

Yes. Without the roofline on your Cumbernauld home, the timbers and bracing inside your roof space would be susceptible to damp. This can cause wood to rot over time which means the strength of the structure is compromised. This can mean that the roof of your home can be seen to dip or sag in places.

And if the roofline is left to rot away…?

It can cause damp within the home. Many people assume that when they see damp in their house that there is something wrong with the damp course. In many cases, it can be that the roof is not sealed or is leaking. The smallest of leaks over a long time can cause all kinds of damp issues in the home.

The gutters, for example, provide an essential function of funnelling rainwater away from your property. If the rain is allowed to run down exterior walls, this too can cause damp as well as unsightly marks.

So the roofline makes my home look nice too?

Yes, in a way it does. The first impression of your home is created by how it looks outside. This can be the state of the garden, to guttering hanging off and so on.

However, the roofline is more than just about looks. If the roofline is not in great shape, it can lead to problems with the structure of the building as a whole. For example, did you know that by allowing the ground around your home to be constantly saturated with rainwater, the foundations of the property can heave?

This is an expensive problem to rectify and one that could be avoided by looking after the roofline on your Cumbernauld home.

Is it expensive to repair and maintain?

As it goes, the roofline of your Cumbernauld home is a simple, straightforward system that is easy to maintain and repair – when you know how.

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