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Roofline Eaglesham

S&D provide a full roofline supply and installation service to customers in Eaglesham.

What can cause problems with the roofline of your Eaglesham home?

The roofline of any property tends to be one that causes very few problems. A relatively simple system that allows for rainwater to run away from the exterior of your problem, smoothly and quickly, it tends to offer years of service until one day, something does go wrong.

Most of the problems that can stop the roofline of your Eaglesham working properly are small problems that have grown over time. Sometimes, it can be difficult to notice these issues, they are so small and inconsequential – but when they do finally break down completely, it can be immediately obvious.


The weather undoubtedly has a lot to answer for when it comes to a malfunctioning roofline:

  • Sun – the heat of the sun can cause the plastic guttering and components to ‘dyr out’ and crack. When the rain falls, it drips through these cracks and can cause problems inside the property
  • Rain – the roofline is meant to protect the roof from the rain. Rain water is heavy, especially if it accumulates as a pol in one particular spot. This can happen in the guttering of a property and thus, water can over flow.
  • Ice – if water has pooled in the gutter, there is a likelihood that it could freeze during bad weather. When it thaws, it can cause some gutters to split, again leading to rainwater dripping or running down an exterior wall.
  • Wind – roofline components are attached firmly to the outside of your property but wind (and rain!) have a habit of loosening these attachments. This means that they will vibrate loose leading to them being ineffective with the job that they are supposed to do.

Local environment

Sometimes, the local environment can also contribute to the roofline on your Eaglesham home not doing what it should.

For example, if there are trees that are overhanging or close by your property, they can damage some parts of your roofline. Or, when the leaves fall from the trees they can also get caught in the drain pipe and the guttering. This impedes the flow of water and thus, it can pool leading to some of the problem talked about above.

General detritus can also accumulate, like twigs and seeds etc. The good news, however, that no matter what the problem is, repairing or replacing component parts of the roofline on your Eaglesham home is no complicated nor expensive – especially when you call us!

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