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Roofline East Kilbride

S&D provide a full roofline supply and installation service to customers in East Kilbride.

Is the roofline of your East Kilbride home in need of maintenance?

How would you know? What is a roofline anyway? What are you actually looking for…?

There are many maintenance tasks and so on that homeowners need to deal with on a regular basis. And yet, not many will give their roofline a second look – until there seems to be something wrong.

What is the roofline?

The term roofline was first used in 1857 to refer to the profile of a house or property, and the term has stuck. If you look at your property, it is easy to identify the roofline components: they are all the bits and pieces that make it look finished and neat.

They cover the edges where the roof meets the wall; one part of it allows the interior of your home to breathe – in other words, moist air to leave the property.

It is also the drainpipes and guttering that funnel the downpours of rainwater away without causing an issue to the land around your property, or to the property itself.

It is also comprises of the components that make the home look neat. This makes your home appealing to look at.

The problems with the roofline

You will be pleased to know that the very simplicity of the roofline itself that there is very little that can go wrong. That is the first piece of good news.

The second piece of good news is that the roofline at your East Kilbride home will rarely develop defects… providing that it is well-maintained.

The bad news that when it does malfunction or go wrong, we tend not to respond immediately. Simply because we pay not more than a cursory glance at the exterior of our property. We only really look when we suspect there is a problem.

By this time, the small issue has become a bigger one and thus, you may need professional help to either replace or repair the roofline component in question, whether it is a drainpipe, gutter, soffit, and fascia, and so on.

If you spot a problem with the roofline on your East Kilbride home, you should…

Get in touch with a professional, specialist company such as ourselves. Depending on the nature and location of your property, the roofline can be two to three storeys above ground level and may not be safe for you to repair or replace whilst hanging on to a ladder.

That said, our services are not that expensive either and so your roofline could be repaired in no time, and at very little cost too.


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