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Roofline Mearnskirk

S&D provide a full roofline supply and installation service to customers in Mearnskirk.

The part the roofline on your Mearnskirk plays in protecting your roof

The roof on your property is important. It shields the inside of your home from the weather, as well as providing structure and strength to load bearing walls.

Leaking roofs can be expensive to repair. They do sometimes, need to care and this is no surprise. One minutes, your roof can be sitting in blistering heat, the next it can be shielding the inside of your home from a deluge of rainwater.

In a heavy down pour, thousands of litres of rainwater can hit your roof and run-off in a short period of time. Rainwater is erosive but water, when it pools together, can also be heavy.

The concept of looking after your roof is simple – this rainwater needs to flow off it and away from your property as quickly as possible. And the component parts that collectively help to do this – and protect the integrity of the roof – is known as a roofline.

A simple system

The roofline on your Mearnskirk is simple. There are no moving parts and thus, malfunctions are not necessarily all that common.

However, there are a few things that can go wrong:

  • Blocked gutters and drain pipes – from falling autumn leaves to general detritus carried on the wind, gutters and drain pipes can become blocked. This prevents the smooth flow of water from the exterior of your Mearnskirk home to the storm drains that take the water away.
  • Incorrect positioning etc. – guttering, for example, should NOT be fixed level, contrary to what we think! There needs to be a slight pitch down to the drain pipe and so that water is encouraged to flow. When water pools in a gutter it is heavy and eventually, this can lead to sagging and a breakdown of that section.
  • Weather – from the heat and glare of the sun to the ice of winter, the roofline of your Mearnskirk home has a lot to contend with. Eventually, all materials, including plastic, metal and wood, will breakdown under these conditions. If your notice certain sections of your roofline beginning to fail, get it replaced sooner rather than later.
  • Erosion, warping and rotting – many of the boards that are component parts of the roofline are made from wood, especially on older properties. Even when they have been looked after, and painted or varnished on a regular basis, wood will eventually rot. Some metal drain pipes or guttering will also rust and begin to look unsightly. Plastic can twist and warp too.

The great news is that the roofline of your Mearnskirk can be repaired or replaced relatively cheaply, contact S&D TODAY to find out more.

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