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Roofline Milngavie

S&D provide a full roofline supply and installation service to customers in Milngavie.

Your home and your roofline – the mystery solved

The roofline of your Milngavie property can be a mystery. Until something goes wrong or you feel that the exterior of your property could do with a facelift, you have probably paid scant attention to your roofline.

Thus, as you how it can be fixed or how it can be made to look better, we describe some of the components parts and what they do.

*It is important to note that not all properties have the same system nor the same components parts. Trends over time varied and thus what was used on one building, will not be used on another. If you are unsure, always seek professional help.

The components parts

  • Bargeboard – this is the board that runs up the apex of the roof. On some homes, these can be quite decorative and ornate. They protect and shield the exposed ends of the wooden roof trusses that keep your roof upright.
  • Fascia – this is the board that runs around the straight edge of your property and is the component to which the gutters are fixed. At some properties, these boards will be wooden but on others, they may be plastic.
  • Soffits – these are often a mystery to people as thy never realised their home had them! These are the boards that are on the underside, usually of the fascia boards. They stop the weather and other airborne detritus from entering the loft space. In some cases, these soffits are ventilated. If this is the case, they should always be replaced with ventilated boards.
  • Guttering – this is the most commonly known component of the roofline of a Milngavie property. These are the channels that allow the rain water to escape as quickly as possible from the roof of the building.
  • Down pipesor drain pipes – these are the pipes that are located around the exterior of your property and are part of the guttering system that allows for rainwater run-off.
  • Cladding – not all properties will have cladding but when it is present, it will be classed as part of the roofline.

Maintenance and repair

There is not much that can go wrong with the roofline. It is a relatively simple system and one that can be easily repaired – IF you know how to!

If you detect that you do have a problem – maybe a gutter is leaking, or the boards need to be replaced – call an expert, professional company for help;  contact S&D TODAY!

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